Idols SA and The Voice Vocal Coach, Malie Kelly

Worship Teams SA

Malie had the pleasure of vocally directing and producing some of South Africa's top artists. She worked on Idols SA for 14 years as a vocal producer and is currently working on season 3 of The Voice SA

Worship Team Workshops

I am super excited to share this information with you. I am the owner of MALIE KELLY PRODUCTIONS which includes a Record label called “KELLY ENGEL MUSIC GROUP” and The Vocal Academy & Music School. Having been actively involved in the Music Industry for many years, I have had the pleasure of working on SA IDOLS for 14 years as Vocal Producer and currently working on the 3rd season of The Voice SA. This includes having recorded Many Top SA Artists.
Honestly – what excites me more than anything else and what lies very close to my heart is working with our Worship & Music teams. Having been part of a worship team my whole life as a Vocal producer and having worked with groups all over the world, there are clearly different aspects to the success of a worship team. The Technical & Musical Aspect – being a TEAM player – and then more than anything else – the Spiritual Aspect. Constructive growth, development and seeing results from productive and structured rehearsals, is a reliable and powerful motivating factor for our musicians, singers and choirs whether they are volunteers or Professionals. The right training and development empower our Musicians and Singers and even our choirs to fearlessly step into their calling and position with command and confidence. This will allow our leaders to lead with authority and excellence. This adds a very dynamic and powerful element to any team, which will motivate and inspire them to serve with a far greater commitment and authority. This is probably the greatest experience for a worship leader and team to musically step out in excellence, and allow God to move by His Spirit,
I have learnt over the years that every team is different. Every team has their own personality, taste, sound and culture. No matter the LEVEL or SIZE of the team, the goal is to work with what you have, determine the challenges and introduce workable, practical yet achievable solutions for every team to become the best possible team they can be and see astounding results. This is what I live for right here!!! What an Honour to look at our teams transform. This adds a dynamic and powerful dimension to any service and creates such a strong platform for God to move.
There are only a few powerful elements that when applied can make an incredible difference to the vocal dynamic of ANY team. Our SUBJECT MATTER:
Vocal development, breath control, Articulation, ear training, finding your range, HARMONIES AND BLENDING WITH YOUR TEAM. Tone, Posture and position, falsetto, power singing. How to lead – How to back the leader. Productive preparation and working the detail of the song with finesse and precision. All the above elements are very interconnected and obtainable by any singer at any level with almost immediate results, I see this ALL the time
My capable team and I would be absolutely honoured to be working with your teams/choirs. We love to see results, and we love to see our singers and musicians step out and step up to become the greatest they can be.
Any workshop or development course can be fine-tuned and adjusted to your needs, dynamic and size of our team. Feel free to contact me at any time to chat about your teams and training options.
Once we have chatted and I have a good idea of your needs, I will forward a price list immediately.
God’s richest and abundant blessings
Malie Kelly